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    April 21, 2013
    9:44 - 10:14am PDT  

alternative pricing amounts, relationship between parking pricing and the toll between different transit service levels are needed to support the pricing program and the initial system's design on the technology side for how the pricing program would be compatible with that and with sf park and etc vment there is a planning dimension and design engineering dimension to the contract. the contract is funded by a grant that we run from mtc, metropolitan transportation commission. it's very highly rated, this project was very highly rated in the program so planning will be fully funded by that as well as a match from tita. it's about
18 months duration of the planning study, a total contract value is $300,000 and we are meeting actually exceeding the db equals for this contract for this team. i'm happy to answer any questions. the competitive process we did receive 4 bids and interviewed 3 and recommended the strongest. thank you. thank you. any members of the public that would like to speak on this item? please come up. >> i'm sorry, i just wanted to quickly acknowledge that we have jim from pb here if you have any questions for pb. >> good morning, commissioners,
my name is jackie sacs, i'm from the citizens advisory committee and i have also been on the advisory committee for the doil drive project. this firm and very familiar with this firm because they are the ones that got the pressidio parkway done. i strongly support that you approve this contract and i hope do you this same. thank you very much. >> thank you. are there any other members that would like to speak on this item? seeing none, public comment is close. colleagues, any thoughts or ideas on this item? seeing none. we have a motion? thank you very much. motion by
commissioner ferrel. madam clerk please call item no. 5. >> reading item no. 5. this is an action item. >> thank you very much. >> good morning commissioners, deputy doctor director for finances administration. this is the annual budget since we adopted the budget in march. what i have for you is on page 47. it's attachment a. a high level view of the budget adopted for fiscal year 2013 and the changes we are proposed and what we are looking at if
this item were to be adopted. on page 45 i have a more detailed version of the budget amendment where we go line byline with different types of grants. i would like to point out the items we will be increasing and decreasing on a budget. the first item is our prop k sales tax revenue. this amount was budgeted at 77.5 million, but as of january 14, we collected $2 million in sales tax revenue. we recommend we increase it by $7 million. then we have the corridor investment study. since the last budget we were able to obtain $81,000 and san francisco state university and general properties of the
galleria. we anticipate spending about $63661 for the grant activity. in august of 2012 we were able to obtain a grant for $1.5 million. we will increase federal revenues and decrease other revenues by $251, 892 dollars. next we have the project, we are experiencing a total amount of $91,000 for next year. during the year we were able to obtain
$434, 531. the treasure island mobility mansion, the item you just heard before, this item, we received a $500,000 federal grant from mtc. we will be spending approximately $64, 101 this year. this is the largest budget announcement. we are recognized $34.1 million revenues we'll be receiving from mtc. what happened is we anticipated this in the last fiscal year but do -- due to a lack of full completed analysis, we were not able to pay cal trans and not able to recognize that revenue. this year we anticipate we'll receive most of the invoices and anticipate receiving full
complete invoices to recognize the full $34 million. in addition to the project, there has been a switch of responsibility. more like a shift. cal trans has asked authority to take on more responsibility with the p 3 contractor and with this there would be additional $3.3 million of expenditures but no overall budget adjustment. the budget will remain the same for that project. for the better market street, this was an item heard before the board. an additional $305,000 and we anticipated spending $327,000 of that in the next fiscal year to. highlight, i would like to say $61,000 was received in grand by the harney way
transportation plan. we were able to contract a couple more items through the travel demand model service bureau. we also will be taking off the caesar chavez redesign services because we were able to finish that project during the last fiscal year. in terms of our capital project for the prop k program initiatives, we are increasing our capital projects by $20 million. this is for 59, 40 foot motor coaches procurement project they were able to procure this item in advance of what the original schedule so we plan on adding $20 million to this budget. last item, as you may recall during july of last year, we were able to obtain a new line of credit. with that line of credit we were able to reduce our interest fees by
approximately 1.2 million. in relation to that, we'll not need the $295 million debt that is originally put on the adopted budget for the fiscal year. we are in process to determine whether well need that for the next year budget. in terms of the cac, this item went before the cac and there was a unanimous muss -- vote for this item and we are seeking a recommendation to approve the amended budget for 2013. i'm happy to go over more details or answer any questions you have. >> thank you, very much. >> see if there is any public comment on this item. i see one person. >> good morning, commissioners,
my name is jackie sacs. i'm a member of the cac. i was one of the individuals that asked for approval of this item in our last cac meeting and it was voted unanimously and i hope you do the same. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. seeing there was no other public comment, public comment is closed. there is a motion that we move this forward with a positive recommendation? all right. motion made by commissioner david chiu. without objection. all right. it moves forward with a positive recommendation. madam clerk please call item no. 6. >> any public m ebbs that would like to speak on item no. #6?
okay. comment is close. >> no. 7. public comment? public comment is closed. madam clerk. >> adjournment. >> thank you. we are adjourned. >> i have been a cable car grip for 21 years. i am a third generation.
my grand farther and my dad worked over in green division for 27. i guess you could say it's blood. >> come on in. have a seat. hold on. i like it because i am standing up. i am outside without a roof over my head and i see all kinds of people. >> you catch up to people you know from the past. you know. went to school with. people that you work with at other jobs. military or something. kind of weird. it's a small word, you be. like i said, what do people do when they come to san francisco? they ride a cable car. >> california line starts in the financial district.
people are coming down knobbhill. the cable car picks people up. takes them to work. >> there still is no other device to conquer these hills better than a cable car. nobody wanted to live up here because you had to climb up here. with the invention of the cable car, these hills became accessible. he watched horses be dragged to death. cable cars were invent in san francisco to solve the problem with it's unique, vertically challenged terrain. we are still using cars a century old >> the old cable car is the
most unique thing, it's still going. it was a good design by then and is still now. if we don't do something now. it's going to be worse later. >> the cable cars are built the same as they were in the late 1800's. we use a modern machinery. we haven't changed a thing. it's just how we get there. >> it's a time consuming job. we go for the quality rather than the production. we take pride in our work and it shows in the end product. >> the california line is mostly locals. the commuters in the morning, i see a lot of the same people.
we don't have as tourists. we are coming up to street to chinatown. since 1957, we are the only city in the world that runs cable cars. these cars right here are part of national parks system. in the early 1960's, they became the first roles monument. the way city spread changed with the invention of the cable car.
>> people know in san francisco, first thing they think about is, let's go
[gavel] >> good morning, everyone. the meeting will come to order. this is the tuesday, april 16, 2013 meeting of the plans and programs committee of the san francisco county transportation authority. our clerk is ms. erica cheng. ms. cheng, could you please dot roll call? >> roll call, commissioner breed? commissioner breed absent. commissioner campos? >> present. >> commissioner kim? kim absent. commissioner mar? >> present. >> yee? present. we have a quorum. >> i'd like to thank nona melkonian and jesse larsen for televising us today. we have 8 items on the agenda this morning. could you please call item number 1? item 2. >> right. item number 2, approve the minutes of the march 19, 2013
meeting. this is an action item. >> seeing no comments, colleagues, let's open this up for public comment. is there anyone from the public that would like to speak? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, can we move this forward without objection? >> so moved. >> thank you. [gavel] >> please call the next aye tim, ms. cheng. >> item 3 is citizens advisory committee report. this is a information item. >> thank you. i don't see mr. flanagan here -- oh. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> items 4 and 5 passed unanimously. for the item 6, the cac unanimously adopted a motion
for support of recommending designated of lead of agencies at its march 27 meeting. the cac was briefed on information about item 7. that concludes my report. >> thank you, mr. flanagan. thank you. so, this is an informational item. let's open this up for public comment. is there anyone from the public that would like to speak? seeing none, public comment is closed. ms. cheng, could you please call item number 4? >> item number 4, recommend allocation of $510,526 in prop k funds, with conditions, to the san francisco municipal transportation agency for five requests, and $831,100 in prop k funds to the department of public works for one request, subject to the attached fiscal year cash flow distribution schedules and amendment of the relevant 5-year prioritization programs. this is an action item. >> thank you. and we have a
staff report. >> [inaudible]. this item begins on page 17 of your packet. we have six prop k allocation requests to present to you this morning, page 21 of your packet includes a summary of the request including project phases when expected and actual prop k leveraging. on pages 23 to 24 of your packet you can view a brief project descriptions as well as our recommendations. the sfmta has requested prop k funds for the planning of the pedestrian safety improvement for the [speaker not understood] elementary school. located on prime street between polk and larkin. the [speaker not understood] the trips within the vicinity of the school contributed to [speaker not understood] the highest year of sfmta's priority list of schools needing safety enhancements. specific improvements will be determined through the prop k fund community outreach process. planning is anticipated to be completed june 2014 and the
conceptual designs will help with design and construction phases [speaker not understood]. the sfmta has also requested prop k funds for safe route to school programs for the authority board in 2011 for bicycle safety and [speaker not understood], sunset elementary and [speaker not understood] middle schools. the projects will include the construction of two [speaker not understood], bicycle lanes on ortega between 20th avenue and the great highway and the upgrade of programs to meet a-d-a standard. on the slide before you, you can actually see a visual of the improvements and the locations. you can also see this map on page 34 of your enclosure. construction is anticipated to be completed by the end of this summer with exception of two curb ramps on 37th, which will be completed as part of the san francisco public utilities commission underground system project. those programs will be
completed in august 2014. the sfmta has also requested prop k substep for the construction of five two way bicycle greenway facilities along the existing bicycle network. the specific lists of locations can be viewed on the site as well as on page 55 of your enclosure. these greenway facilities will modify signal timing so the bicyclists encounter a series of green lights as they progress down the corridors. locations were designed and selected through a previous [speaker not understood] projects funded by prop k. locations were prioritized that had bike lanes in high numbers of cyclists. sfmta staff plan to conduct before and after study to evaluate effectiveness of these facilities and construction anticipated to begin june 2013 and complete by march 2014. the sfmta has also requested prop k funds to purchase and install 210 bicycle racks. the bike racks will be
installed based on the request of residents and businesses. sfmta staff will evaluate to make sure there are no clearance issues or utility issues and adjacent property owner's consent to the installation. all racks purchased with this funding will be installed by june 2014. >> so, courtney? >> courtney, yes. >> so, it looks like it's a little over a thousand dollars per parking per bike rack? >> that is correct. >> and does that include the installation as well? >> that's design and installation costs, correct. >> and then for the greenways, could you slow down a little bit for the timing of the light so cyclists can move more efficiently through lights? what are the main areas that those greenway projects will start? >> the timing? >> yes. >> construction is anticipated to begin june 2013. >> from the notes it looks like there's a couple of projects in the richmond.
looks like they'll greatly improve transit for bicyclists from clement to california. and this seems like some on polk can help districtv 5 and a lot of commuters that come to the richmond to go downtown. i think that's a great project. thank you. >> the sfmta has also requested the funds, prop k funds for planning and design phases of a project to convert standard crosswalks and continental crosswalks. on the slide before you you can see what these continental crosswalks will look like. up to 33 controlled and uncontrolled locations will be identified for this treatment. crosswalks along key high pedestrian [speaker not understood] corridors are being prioritized for these improvements. sfmta anticipates selection and design will be complete bid [speaker not understood]. on page 89 of your enclosure,
you can view a list at this point for proposed locations. and finally, the department of public works has requested prop k funds for the construction and reconstruction of approximately 95 a-d-a curb compliant ramps and gutter and roadway work. you can view the curb ramp matrix, in other words, how they prioritize these requests on page 104 of your enclosure. and on page 105. this specific allocation request will require [speaker not understood] upon completion and design the department of public works submits to us final list of curb ramp applications and supervisorial districts. design is expected to be completed by june 2013 so that's when we could anticipate to have that list. construction of the entire project is anticipated to be completed by 2014. and i should note that this project does have funds, state
development transportation development article 3 acts for planning and design. planning and design is covered now as well as construction. and that concludes the requests that we've received. >> thank you, ms. gary, for the great presentation. i did want to say i'm ream really appreciative of the traffic calming. i know supervisors yee and kim are both focused quite a bit on pedestrian safety. i think the crosswalks and other improvements will really make a difference. ~ i also like that we'll have so many more bicycle racks that will increase hopefully the use of bicycling and reduce the vehicle trips in our city. but thank you so much for the great presentation. i see no comments from my colleagues. so, let's open this up for public comment. is there anyone from the public that would like to speak? mr. patel. good morning, commissioners, my name is neil patel, san francisco bike coalition. i want to offer my support of these prop k allocation requests. in addition to the crosswalk
improvements and bike lane improvements, as you know, director mar, the bike racks are helpful to bring more san franciscans to our commercial corridors and echo support of greenways. general evidence is seen the greenway has -- bicycling even easier and more attractive option. we slow down everybody for the number of safety benefits. excited about mta's evaluation of the program to get more hard facts as we continue to expand upon this program. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. good morning, commissioners. commissioner mar, my name is jackie sacks, member of the cac. this item was brought before us at our last meeting. one thing that i brought up,
one point that i brought up at the last meeting you should also consider is that it was with the bike stripings. you have to consider that [speaker not understood], for example, our goal is a good example, between fulton and california. you've got the bike lane, but you also have the bus stops. you also have to -- consideration how the striping is going to interfering with the bus stops because it should not, especially when you have someone like myself or someone in a wheelchair who has to get on or disembark at a bus stop when you've got the green striping here for the bike lane. thank you very much. >> thank you, ms. sacks. anyone else in the public that would like to speak on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. [gavel] >> colleagues, can we move this forward with a positive recommendation without objection? >> so moved. >> thank you. [gavel] >> thank you. ms. cheng, please call the next item.
>> item 5, recommend programming $1,175,104 in cycle 3 lifeline transportation program surface transportation program funds to the san francisco municipal transportation agency's eddy and ellis traffic calming improvement project. this is an action item. >> thank you. and colleagues, we have a powerpoint as well in front of us. supervisor kim. >> thank you, commissioner mar. i just want to speak really briefly before the presentation. i just want to really personally thank the staff at the transportation authority and sfmta for working really closely with our office on how we can fully implement this plan. as many of my colleagues may remember, prior to my time on the board, the tenderloin like [speaker not understood] transportation was formulated through back stud any 2006 and was finally approved in 2007. however, since then a lot of the long-term pedestrian improvement streetscaping and traffic calming that was prioritized in this plan were not able to be seen as fully